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Cameron Powell are international golf course designers & golf consultants who have been actively involved in the design, development, project management and operation of golf, hotel & leisure projects since 1981.
Cameron Powell Limited specialises in golf course design, architecture and project management. We  have a very broad-based and practical hands-on experience of the entire golf & leisure development and operation well as golf design and development, we have previously managed golf club, golf course, golf resort, leisure and hotel projects.

We can work independently or as an integral part of the client's team or in association with a panel of established golf experts and consultants, who specialise in all aspects of design, construction, development, management and operation. Together, we can offer the full range of expertise, experience and enthusiasm needed to meet and develop virtually any project objective or requirement.

Cameron Powell....classic golf course design for the 21st Century.
....portugal's best golf hotel....
campo de golf vidago palace portugal Campo de Golfe Vidago Palace, Vidago, Portugal
Our second Mackenzie Ross project. The old 9 hole par 32 short course has been completely remodelled into 6 upgraded holes, with 12 new holes added on adjoining land. This is part of the major leisure project by Unicer Turismo to renovate and upgrade the beautiful belle epoch Vidago Palace hotel into a 5 star hotel, spa & golf resort.....which has already described as one of the five of the best European golf resorts...[more
....the best golf course in spain & portugal....
furnas golf course san miguel azores
Furnas, So Miguel, Aores
The 'Pocket Guide to Golf Courses' rates this as the joint best course in Spain & Portugal. When we upgraded & extended the 1939 Mackenzie Ross 9 hole course into an international 18 hole course, we  strived to retain the integrity of the original and reflect the aesthetics, playability & spirit of the original....and judging by the reaction of those who have seen & played the course, it is difficult to spot the join.....[more of europe's finest golf courses
batalha golf course san miguel azores Batalha, So Miguel, Aores
Batalha is a 27 hole course within an extraordinary landscape and with beautiful views over the Atlantic Ocean. It has hosted PGA EuroTour & PGA Seniors Tour events and, according to the PGA EuroPro Tour MD, is "one of Europe's finest golf courses".
Batalha & Furnas are the only courses on the island and it says much for their quality & presentation that at the 2007 IAGTO awards, a panel of travel journalists rated the Azores as " of the best undiscovered golfing destinations in the world..."....[more
Best Golf Courses in Portugal
Furnas Golf Course rated as No. 2

Portugal's Best Golf Hotel
Vidago Palace

"....the crowning glory of  a hotel
built for a king
"Five of the best European golf resorts"
Cond Nast Traveller magazine 
"....the joint best golf course
in the whole of Spain & Portugal...."
The Pocket Guide to Golf Courses
" of the world's most intimate
&  exquisitely beautiful courses...."
David Sayers | Brandt Travel Guides
"....a stunning venue & the golf course is fantastic
- a true test...."
PGA EuroPro Tour
" of Europe's finest golf courses...."
Eddie Hearn | PGA EuroPro Tour Managing Director
"...You need to fly to the middle of the Atlantic
but to play this course only once is worth the trip .....Cameron Powell did a truly remarkable job...."
Top 100 Courses of the World
" impressed by....the meticulously designed beauty of the golf courses...."
TAP Air Portugal 'UP' magazine
"March  19....Furnas...."
Robert Sidorsky | Golf Courses of the World 365 days

design philosophy
Our golf course design philosophy is simple: we aim to produce the best possible golf course within the constraints of the site conditions and the project resources. A good golf course should be....
  practical to build, play & maintain aesthetically pleasing challenging but not punitive
in harmony with its surroundings ecologically sound and environmentally friendly
playable at all levels
We are extremely careful to avoid imposing alien design characteristics onto naturally beautiful sites or classic golf courses. When remodelling and extending classic golf courses -- such as the Mackenzie Ross courses at Furnas in the Azores and Campo de Golfe Vidago Palace in Northern Portugal -- we strive to retain the integrity of the original design and to faithfully reflect the aesthetics, playability, spirit & character of the site or course. What really gives us a buzz at Furnas is when people say they can’t spot the join... that they have difficulty deciding where the old course finishes and where the new course begins.  That’s when we know we really got it right.  And this is exactly what we aim to achieve with our new course at Vidago...that blending of classic golf course design within a 21st century context.
"Raised, bunkered and seemingly frighteningly small undulating greens are the key feature at this gem of a natural golf course, whose rolling fairways are framed by phalanxes of Japanese cedars, mystical in the mists.   But it is more forgiving than it looks and a joy for players of all standards"
Furnas Golf Course - The Pocket Guide to Golf Courses
site visit & preliminary project appraisal
It is never too early to get us involved in the project development process -- and our preliminary project appraisal can potentially save time, trouble and expense in the longer term.
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